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Post Congress Tours

For individual travels for a stay before or after the congress in Berlin, our partner travel agency Westtours will be happy to make suggestions. Westtours Reise has been organizing congress and other group tours of the German Association of the Cleaning Industry, BIV, for many years and has a competent expert team. Examples of tours can be found below.

Your Personal Contact:
Christiane Dresen, Phone +49 228 9153121, christiane.dresen@westtours.de
Stephanie Kühn, Phone: +49 228 9153144, stephanie.kuehn@westtours.de

Postal Address:
Westtours-Reisen GmbH
Adenauerallee 76
53113 Bonn

Proposal 1: „Dresden – Sächsisches Elbland“

City trip – 4 Days

Stephanie Kühn, your personal contact
„One of the most beautiful places in Germany is the “Saxon Switzerland”, with its city Dresden. Follow on Karl May‘s traces in Radebeul and encounter the beautiful porcelain manufacture in Meißen.”

Your Travel Highlights
– Trip on a narrow-gauge railway in Radebeul
– Castle tour in Moritzburg
– Tour through the Semperoper (Opera house)

A city tour of Dresden awaits you, offering a perfect opportunity to become acquainted and explore this historic metropolis on the river Elbe. The following day you will travel to the closely located city of Meißen, well known for its porcelain manufacture. Afterwards you will visit the baroque castle Moritzburg, and enjoy a varied castle tour. On return to the city of Dresden, you will have a guided tour of the famous Semperoper- one of the most beautiful opera houses worldwide. After a traditional dinner you will experience an opera in the Semperoper.

Proposal 2: „Rhine Rivercruise Cologne“

3 Days

Christiane Dresen, your personal contact
„One of the most beautiful ways to explore Germany is a river cruise. Let this unforgettable experience delight you by travelling from Cologne to Koblenz and feel what German „Gemütlichkeit“ is about.”

Your Travel Highlights
– River cruise with a 4* cruise ship
– Trip with the „Winzerexpress“ in Rüdesheim into the vineyards
– Visit of the famous „Deinhard“ – Champagne Cellars

Cologne – Rüdesheim – Koblenz – Cologne
You will begin your river journey from Cologne, your first stop being Bonn, the former capital of Germany. On the next day you will visit the romantic wine city Rüdesheim. Enjoy a fine wine whilst watching over the enormous vineyards and the Rhine valley. Afterwards, you will pass the most famous sight during a Rhine river cruise: The Loreley, close to Koblenz. Then, you are going to visit Koblenz and explore the art of producing sparkling wine, accompanied with local snacks. On the following morning you will enjoy an incomparable panoramic cruise on your way back to Cologne.

Proposal 3: Romantic Heidelberg

City trip – 2 Days

Stephanie Kühn, your personal contact
„Heidelberg is known as the German romantic city – succumb to the magic of this lovely little town. Either a visit of the castle, a wine tasting or a hiking tour through the surrounding area – Heidelberg will capture you by its incomparable beauty. “

Your Travel Highlights
– Cable railway tour to the castle of Heidelberg
– Entry to the castle’s courtyard and the German Pharmacy Museum
– Guided tour of the historical city (1,5 hrs.) or castle tour (1,5 hrs.)

The romantic city Heidelberg is located in the south-west of Germany with its impressive landmark, the castle, being enthroned above the historical city centre. During your guided city tour, you will be delighted by small alleys telling you their story from the middle-ages. Further, Heidelberg’s well-known university, lovely restored timbered houses, the famous “Bergstraße”, as well as the imposing ruins further underline the romantic atmosphere. In Addition, the sun blessed vineyards offer you a great variety of fine wines which you should enjoy whilst staying in Heidelberg.

Proposal 4: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

City trip – 2 Days

Stephanie Kühn, your personal contact
„High above the so called “Taubergrund” enthrones the lovely village Rothenburg – the German Jerusalem. Follow the Night Watchman on his nightly routine through the historical alleys and immerse yourself into the romantic atmosphere of this village where time seems to have stood still. “

Your Travel Highlights
– Guided Night Watchman Tour
– City tour „Renaissance and Reformation“
– Typical regional dinner

The magical silhouette of Rothenburg covers the smallest city of Germany with its incomparable flair. Romantic small alleys form a labyrinth of medieval architecture, where you simply should rest for a moment. Immerse yourself into the medieval flair, walk across the old city walls, marvel at beautiful Renaissance facades and experience the idyll of this lovely city. Afterwards, your sense of taste will experience a culinary highlight by tasting a traditional regional dinner.

Proposal 5: Munich - Oktoberfest

City Trip – 2 Days

Christiane Dresen, your personal contact
„The Oktoberfest is known as the biggest folk festival worldwide with its international orientation and over 6 million visitors from all over the world. Don’t miss the chance to visit this incomparable event! “

Your Travel Highlights
– Reserved seats in one of the Oktoberfest beer tents
– Munich City Card for public transportation
– Guided city tour through Munich

On your day of arrival you will immediately be struck, that Munich is a metropolis. Enjoy the special flair of Munich in autumn, by visiting a typical beer garden or a typical Bavarian restaurant. After a delicious Bavarian breakfast you will visit the famous “Wiesn”, as the Oktoberfest is called in Munich. The illusion of amusement rides, food courts and the famous beer tents will surely impress you. Try typical regional dishes such as „Brezn, Obatzter und Hax’n“ and let the positive atmosphere surround you whilst your stay.